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Main Programme

Day 2 (21st Feb): Identity and Energy Poverty. The different faces of vulnerability [16-18h CET]

When solving socioeconomic problems such as energy poverty, it is fundamental to consider the lived experience of different groups. We will consider how characteristics such as gender, class, age, disability, and ethnic and racial identity interact with energy poverty, what the impacts of not considering these (often intersectional) identity dimensions, and what that means for the solutions we take forward.

Speakers: Uttara Narayan (University of Oxford), Harriet Thomson (University of Birmingham), Cecilia Aguillón (Institute of the Americas), Dulce Guevara (Iniciativa Climatica México), Alejandra Lozano (Global Initiative for Economic, Social & Cultural Rights)

Moderator: Carlos Villaseñor (Ombudsman Energía México)

Day 4 (23rd Feb): Energy Poverty and Policy- “Socially-Sensitive Policies to Address the Energy Crisis” [16-18h CET]

Despite many countries having found a quick response to enduring the current energy crisis, most policies are not sustainable in the long term. More profound structural changes – in economies, policies, and societies – might be necessary to help countries navigate a new world order while preserving social stability. This session will explore possible approaches to energy policies that address global economic, social, and technical challenges.

Speakers: Marco Peretto (IEECP), Christos Tourkolias (CRES – Greece), Karla Cedano (UNAM), Florencia Zabaloy (UNS-CONCIET), Michelle Hallack (Mercados-Aries International)

Moderator: Diana Süsser (IEECP)

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