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Our Story

International Energy Poverty Action Week (IEPAW) is a grassroots event that was founded in 2021 out of the University of Manchester, UK, and the POWERTY project, and put together by a dedicated team of individuals, organisations and partners.

IEPAW brings together academics, policymakers, practitioners and other stakeholders in the field of energy poverty, access and justice across the world. The week consists of online seminars, discussions and workshops centred on sharing knowledge to find actionable solutions to this global issue, as well as social media activity, research/project launches and updates, and offline actions.

Access to affordable, sustainable and clean energy is a central focus for every continent in the face of global climate change, and governments, companies and NGOs must come together in their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and combat poverty. “Energy poverty”, “energy vulnerability”, “fuel poverty” and “energy precarity” are all expressions covering the various realities of people living across the world who struggle to afford or access adequate domestic energy resources. By coming together, sharing our collective knowledge and activities, we can find solutions to solve this issue.